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Wonder Woman 1984

Diana must contend with a work colleague and businessman, whose desire for extreme wealth sends the world down a path of destruction, after an ancient artifact that grants wishes goes missing.

Gal Gadot - Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
Chris Pine - Steve Trevor
Pedro Pascal - Max Lord
Kristen Wiig - Barbara Minerva / Cheetah
Connie Nielsen - Hippolyta
Robin Wright - Antiope
Gabriella Wilde - Actress
Kristoffer Polaha - Actor
Natasha Rothwell - Actress
Lyon Beckwith - Buzz
Kelvin Yu - Jake
Ravi Patel - Actor
Ella Walker - Amazonian
Joakim Skarli - Tourist
Patrick Lyster - US General

Patty Jenkins - Director
Geoff Johns - Writer (story), Writer (screenplay)
Patty Jenkins - Writer (story), Writer (screenplay)
Dave Callaham - Writer (screenplay)
William Moulton Marston - Writer (Wonder Woman creator)
Wesley Coller - Executive Producer
Jason Crain - Associate Producer
Gal Gadot - Producer
Walter Hamada - Executive Producer
Elise Iglesias - Associate Producer
Marianne Jenkins - Executive Producer
Patty Jenkins - Producer
Geoff Johns - Executive Producer
Stephen Jones - Producer
Jim Lee - Executive Producer
Rebecca Steel Roven Oakley - Executive Producer
Anna Obropta - Associate Producer
Charles Roven - Producer
Deborah Snyder - Producer
Zack Snyder - Producer
Richard Suckle - Executive Producer

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