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Thor: Love and Thunder

In Theaters July 8, 2022!

Thor reunites with Valkyrie, Korg and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster to fight the threat of Gorr, The God Butcher.

Chris Hemsworth -Thor
Natalie Portman - Jane Foster / Thor
Christian Bale - Gorr the God Butcher
Taika Waititi - Korg (voice)
Tessa Thompson - Valkyrie
Karen Gillan - Nebula
Chris Pratt - Peter Quill / Star-Lord
Matt Damon - Actor Loki
Sam Neill - Actor Odin
Jaimie Alexander - Sif
Melissa McCarthy - Actor Hela
Luke Hemsworth - Actor Thor
Sean Gunn - Kraglin
Russell Crowe - Actor

Taika Waititi - Director
Jennifer Kaytin Robinson - Writer
Taika Waititi - Writer
Victoria Alonso - Executive Producer
Louis D'Esposito - Executive Producer
Kevin Feige - Producer
Mark Mothersbaugh - Composer
Sarah Finn - Casting Director
Nigel Phelps - Production Designer
Mayes C. Rubeo - Costume Designer
Lee Cleary - First Assistant Director
Laurent Ben-Mimoun - Illustrator
Aleksi Briclot - Concept Artist
Seth Engstrom - Concept Artist
Zachary Fannin - Graphic Designer

Thor: Love and Thunder In Theaters July 8, 2022!