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The Video Dead


A man receives a mysterious video nasty that sends him into the deepest pits of insanity during a zombie outbreak. WARNING: This Film May Cause Moral Panic.

Ste Pye - Freddy
Gold Frank - VHS Guy
Jack Brennan - Gabba Raver
Adam McIntyre - Homeless Zombie
Joe Gallagher - Crazy Old Man
Sharron Spink - Spaced-Out Nun
Tom Woodland - Hoodie Zombie
Claire Cerins - Pram Zombie
David Brown - Newscaster
Luke Mathias - Police Zombie
Alex Grand Scott - Medical Zombie
Owen Lodge - Bishop Zombie
Jason Barnard - Street Zombie
Joe Bateman - Freddy Stunt Double
Dog - Dog
Baby - Baby


Vincent Gallagher - Director
Vincent Gallagher - Writer
Ryan Michael Murphy - Writer
Vincent Gallagher - Producer
Darren Gibbons - Executive Producer
Sam Lewis - Executive Producer
Luke Mathias - Producer
Ryan Michael Murphy - Producer
Ad Webb - Executive Producer
Claire Cerins - Costumes
Claire Cerins - Make-up
Danni Cavell - Make-up
Claire Cerins - Runner
Joe Gallagher - Runner
Claire Cerins - First Assistant Director

Ryan Michael Murphy - Editing Assistant
Luke Mathias - Editing Assistant
Ryan Michael Murphy - Colorist
Luke Mathias - Colorist
Ryan Michael Murphy - Camera Operator
Georgia Frances - Camera Operator
Luke Mathias - Camera Operator
Pishdaad Modaressi - Camera Operator
Pishdaad Modaressi - Director of Photography
Luke Mathias - Sound Recordist
Claire Cerins - Props
Owen Lodge - Titles
Georgia Frances - Boom Operator
Georgia Frances - Visual Artist
Stephen McKeown - Visual Effects Artist

Daniel Brown - Video Feedback Artists
Georgia Frances - Pre-Production Assistant
David Bannister - Pre-Production Catalyst
Alex Guzeev - Promotional Art
Joshua James Max Enell - Promotional Art
Jason Barnard - Vehicles
Fekix - Music (Chaos Theroem)
Ghostwood Development Project - Music (Chaos Theroem)
Cordially Churchward - Music (Chaos Theroem)
Skitzaph0nic - Music (Chaos Theroem)
Autopsy Boys - Music (Every good sitcom gets cancelled after the pilot)
Fekix - Music (The Video Dead)

Zombie Run Merrion Centre - Thanks
Otley Zombie Society - Thanks
West Yorkshire Playhouse - Thanks
Sally Stone - Thanks
Simon Doherty - Thanks
Corner Shop Guy - Thanks
Scarefest Maze York - Thanks
Tom Lowe - Thanks
Bentleys Butchers - Thanks
Lyle's Golden Syrup - Thanks
Big Shotter Firework Shop - Thanks
Sandroys Fancy Dress Shop - Thanks
Poverty Aid - Thanks
Grandmother Rhodes - All Round Legend & Printer Manager
Jamie, Mac & Bobby for use of their warehouse
Leeds Docks Ferry Service - Thanks
Fractal - Thanks

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