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The Pale Blue Eye

Streaming on Netflix January 6, 2023!

A veteran detective investigates a series of murders, helped by a detail-oriented young cadet who will later become the world famous author, Edgar Allan Poe.


Scott Cooper - Director
Louis Bayard - Writer (novel)
Scott Cooper - Writer
Christian Bale - Producer
Scott Cooper - Producer
Tracey Landon - Executive Producer
John Lesher - Producer
Buddy Patrick - Executive Producer
Emily Hunter Salveson - Executive Producer
Ryan Donnell Smith - Executive Producer
Tyler Thompson - Producer
Dylan Weathered - Executive Producer
Howard Shore - Composer
Masanobu Takayanagi - Cinematographer
Stefania Cella - Production Designer

Harry Lawtey - Actor
Simon McBurney - Actor
Hadley Robinson - Actress
Gideon Glick - Actor
Joey Brooks - Actor
Brennan Keel Cook - Actor
Jack Irv - Actor
Matt Helm - Actor
Steven Maier - Actor
Kade Nicholson - Background Cadet
Brennan Cook - Actor

Christian Bale - Augustus Landor
Harry Melling - Edgar Allan Poe
Gillian Anderson - Actress
Lucy Boynton - Actress
Robert Duvall - Actor
Toby Jones - Actor
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Actress
Charlie Tahan - Actor
Timothy Spall - Actor
Fred Hechinger - Actor

The Pale Blue Eye Streaming on Netflix January 6, 2023!