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The Equalizer 3

In Theaters September 1, 2023!

A former government assassin finds himself in southern Italy. When he discovers his new friends are under the control of local crime bosses, he becomes their protector by taking on the mafia.

Denzel Washington - Robert McCall
Dakota Fanning - Actress
David Denman - Actor
Sonia Ammar - Chiara
Eugenio Mastrandrea - Actor
Gaia Scodellaro - Actress
Andrea Scarduzio - Actor
Remo Girone - Actor
Bruno Bilotta - Farmer
Giampiero Rotoli - Young Lieutenant

Antoine Fuqua - Director
Richard Wenk - Writer
Tarak Ben Ammar - Executive Producer
Todd Black - Producer
Jason Blumenthal - Producer
Tony Eldridge - Producer
Antoine Fuqua - Producer
Guja Quaranta - Associate Producer
Kat Samick - Executive Producer
Alex Siskin - Producer
Enzo Sisti - Executive Producer
Michael Sloan - Producer
Steve Tisch - Producer
Clayton Townsend - Producer
Denzel Washington - Producer
Marcelo Zarvos - Composer
Robert Richardson - Cinematographer
Conrad Buff IV - Editor
Naomi Shohan - Production Designer

The Equalizer 3 Reviews Coming Soon!

Massi Furlan - Soccer analyst (voice)
Andrea Dodero - Actor
Salvatore Ruocco - Vincent's man Salvatore
Daniele Perrone - Actor
Giuseppe Russo - Soccer Commentator (voice)
Luca Della Valle - Italian Swat Team (voice)

The Equalizer 3 In Theaters September 1, 2023!