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The Boogeyman

In Theaters June 2, 2023!

Sadie & Sawyer are mourning the death of their mother.  Their father's desperate patient unexpectedly shows up at their home & leaves behind a terrifying supernatural entity that preys on the family's suffering.


Rob Savage - Director
Scott Beck - Writer
Bryan Woods - Writer
Mark Heyman - Writer
Stephen King - Writer (story)
Scott Beck - Executive Producer
Dan Cohen - Producer
Ryan H. Cunningham - Executive Producer
Adam Kolbrenner - Executive Producer
Dan Levine - Producer
Shawn Levy - Producer
Robyn Meisinger - Executive Producer
Emily Morris - Executive Producer
John H. Starke - Executive Producer
Bryan Woods - Executive Producer
Patrick Jonsson - Composer
Eli Born - Cinematographer
Peter Gvozdas - Editor
Wittney Horton - Casting Director
Jeremy Woodward - Production Designer

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Han Soto - Joe
Victoria Harris - Nurse
Beau Hart - Kid
Mabel Tyler - Abby
Rose Bianca Grue - Doctor
Elton LeBlanc - Parent with a car
Devyn Sandidge - High School Kid
Adams Bellouis - Actress
Leeann Ross - Cassidy
Maisie Bogert - Toddler
Dane Bourgeois - EMT
Curtis Johnson - Nurse
Ellie Bogert - Toddler
Mary Naquin - Student

Sophie Thatcher - Actress
Chris Messina - Actor
Vivien Lyra Blair - Actress
Marin Ireland - Actress
Madison Hu - Actress
LisaGay Hamilton - Dr. Weller
David Dastmalchian - Lester
Lacey Dover - Student
Maddie Nichols - Natalie
Daniel Hagen - The Creature (voice)

The Boogeyman In Theaters June 2, 2023!