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Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Sane?


The slow decline of a worker over lockdown. "A story that may, or may not echo my own days of the Covid pandemic in front of the computer screen..."

Nick Hales - Director
Nick Hales - Writer
Nick Hales - Animator
Richard Goodchild - Hero, Props & Room Model
Richard Goodchild - Texture, Lighting & Visual Effects
John Benson - Prop Model, Texture & Rendering
Mirianna Tittensor - Sound Design & Original Score
Jacob Booth - Sound Design & Original Score
Emily F. Brooks - Sound Design & Original Score
Daniel Manning - Composition & Color Grade
Timmy Willmott - Canvas Art
Karl Erlandsen - Special Thanks
Michael Morgan - Special Thanks
Mikey Ford - Special Thanks
Scott Pleydell-Pearce - Special Thanks
Jess Cook - Special Thanks
Aleta Morgan - Special Thanks
Josh Burton - Morpheus Rig
Tuffy the Silverback & His Carer - General Tutting & Essential Criticism

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