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Streaming on Netflix in 2022!

Jakub Procházka, orphaned as a boy and raised in the Czech countryside by his grandparents, overcomes his odds to become the country's first astronaut.

Adam Sandler - Jakub
Carey Mulligan - Lenka
Paul Dano - Actor
Kunal Nayyar - Actor
Isabella Rossellini - Actress
Sinead Phelps - Actress
Petr Papánek - Young Jakub

Johan Renck - Director
Colby Day - Writer
Jaroslav Kalfar - Writer (book)
Barry Bernardi - Executive Producer
Reid Carolin - Producer
Tim Headington - Producer
Peter Kiernan - Producer
David Minkowski - Co-Producer
Ben Ormand - Executive Producer
Michael Parets - Producer
Matthew Stillman - Co-Producer
Channing Tatum - Producer
Jakob Ihre - Cinematographer
Nina Gold - Casting Director
Maya Kvetny - Casting Director
Robert Sterne - Casting Director

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