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A young woman experiences painful and gruesome side effects after an experiment with time travel goes wrong.


Nicole Fancher - Theresa Chaney
Ashley Mandanas - Blake Douglass
Jamie Brewster - Martha Ellis
Leesa Neidel - Felicia Sheldon
Stephen Goodman - Curtis Mathers
Paul T. Taylor - Ed Campbell
Ben Hall - Owen Chaney
Jacob Ryan Snovel - Sam Snovel
Derrico Thomas - Seth Price
Katy Atkinson - Rachel Sawyer
Rick Holmes - Doctor Holmes
Cora Martin - Little Girl
Heather Siess - 1960s Ma
Clint Joseph - 1960s Pa
Ella Perdue - 1960s Little Girl
Gabrielle Alspaugh - Theater Girl
Christine Lanning - Theater Mom
Laron M. Chapman - Film Snob 1
Allison Bigbie - Film Snob 2
Mickey Reece - Mickey


Jacob Leighton Burns - Director
Jacob Leighton Burns - Writer
Zachary Burns - Writer
Jacob Leighton Burns - Producer
Zachary Burns - Producer
Vinnie Hogan - Producer
Harry C. Wolohon IV - Producer
Vinnie Hogan - Composer
Jacob Leighton Burns - Cinematographer
Jacob Leighton Burns - Editor
Zackary Steven Graham - Unit Production Manager
Zackary Steven Graham - Second Assistant Director
Rob Derrick - Supervising Sound Editor
Brian Gililland - Sound Mixer
Cait Brasel - First Assistant Camera

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