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Sherlock Holmes: Mare of the Night

The world's greatest detective has gone into isolation to escape his tortured past. As he descends into self-medicated despair, his inner demons consume his soul.


CJ Goodwyn - Director
CJ Goodwyn - Writer
Abigail G. Alexander - Associate Producer
Brian D. Anderson - Executive Producer
Anne Cleary Barnhart - Producer
CJ Goodwyn - Producer
Chris Wager - Producer
CJ Goodwyn - Director Of Photography
Derek Meier - Production Designer
Michael Goodwyn - Key Makeup Artist
Will Madalinski - Camera Operator
Gumaro Ramirez - Still Photographer
Anne Cleary Barnhart - Script Consultant
Lauren Wise - Script Editor
Abigail G. Alexander - Production Assistant
Taylour Ballew - Production Assistant
Maren Ellis - Production Assistant
David Andrew Garza - Production Assistant
Kendall Mitchell - Production Assistant
Bella Richards - Production Assistant
Nina Rossetti - Production Assistant

Dan 'The Man' Cortez - Business Man Killer
Emery Dorman - Dead Sister
Derek Meier - Fallen Angel
Abigail G. Alexander - Prostitute Victim
Layton Wheeler - Young Sherlock Holmes
David Andrew Garza - Laughing Brother
Jones Ben - Circus Strong Man
Chris Wager - Laughing Brother

Les Best - Sherlock Holmes
Ian Wilson - Inspector Lestrade
Emily Darwin Edwards - Mary Watson
Jared Stephens - Professor Moriarty

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