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Secret Headquarters

Streaming on Paramount+ August 12, 2022!

While his father is away on "business", Charlie & his friends discover the headquarters of the world's most powerful superhero hidden beneath his home. When villains attack, they must team up to defend the headquarters and save the world.


Owen Wilson - Actor
Walker Scobell - Actor
Keith L. Williams - Actor
Abby James Witherspoon - Lizzie
Momona Tamada - Actress
Michael Peña - Actor
Jesse Williams - Actor
Levy Tran - Actress
Jessie Mueller - Lily Kincaid
Dustin Ingram - Jersey

Henry Joost - Director
Ariel Schulman - Director
Josh Koenigsberg - Writer (screenplay)
Henry Joost - Writer (screenplay)
Ariel Schulman - Writer (screenplay)
Christopher L. Yost - Writer (story)
Jerry Bruckheimer - Producer
John K. Campbell - Associate Producer
D. Scott Lumpkin - Executive Producer
Chad Oman - Producer
Orlee-Rose Strauss - Executive Producer
Lorne Balfe - Composer
Larry Fong - Cinematographer
Gregory Plotkin - Editor
Ronna Kress - Casting Director
George Pierre - Casting Director
Martin Whist - Production Designer

Michael Anthony - Wisconsin
David Lengel - Coach Skipper
Dayna Beilenson - Ms. Squint
Ninja N. Devoe - Officer Grant
Louie Chaplin Moss - Young Charlie Kincaid
Lucius Baston - Jerry the Janitor
Mallory Hoff - Actress
Aiden Malik - Robbie Fernandez
Nickolas Wolf - Snotty Kid
Laila Pruitt - Star Trek Girl
Kezii Curtis - Big Mac
Savannah Schultz - Tall Kid
Zeb Slone - Kid at the school dance
Kaitlyn Saunders - Actress
Labrandon Shead - Berger's Dad
Constance McCracklin - Berger's Mom

Secret Headquarters Streaming on Paramount+ August 12, 2022!