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Night of the Tommyknockers

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When miners blast for gold in 1856, they accidentally release ancient creatures known as Tommyknockers. The Town of Deer Creek, Nevada is soon under siege with only a handful of survivors held up in the local saloon.

Jessica Morris - Julia Ann Swift
Richard Grieco - Dirk
Sheri Davis - Pearl
Byron Cherry - Marshal Derry
Timothy Skyler Dunigan - Dusty
William 'Bill' Connor - Gold Miner
Robert Donavan - Allen Pinkerton
Brenda Daly - Sally
Dee Cutrone - Mrs. Johnson
Thomas Rivas - Jesse J.
Kristin Sutherland - Kristin
Hans Hernke - Actor
Kevin Hager - Mr. Jonas
Dave Shecter - Earle
Denny Nolan - Henry Middleton

Greg Tally - Greg
Michael Beran - Tobin Bell
BJ Mezek - Fred Rudolph
Nicholas George - Austin
Wesley Cannon - Clay / Main Tommyknocker
Nick Ford - Outlaw
Rich R. Rendon - Lucky
James Dormuth - Jim
Ron McAdams - Actor
Cicley Alexander - Cicley
John Petty - Actor
Eliana Rivas - Kid
Evelynn Rivas - Kid
Kyus Preston Wright - Actor

Michael Su - Director
Michael Mahal - Writer (story by)
Sonny Mahal - Writer (story by)
Adrian Milnes - Writer
Jon Adams - Executive Producer
Cicley Alexander - Associate Producer
Jamal Alsaqer - Executive Producer
Robert Anderson - Associate Producer
Bill Victor Arucan - Executive Producer
Michael Beran - Executive Producer
Wesley Cannon - Executive Producer
William 'Bill' Connor - Associate Producer
James Dormuth - Executive Producer
Timothy Skyler Dunigan - Associate Producer
Jeffrey J. Ellen - Associate Producer

Mem Ferda - Executive Producer
Nick Ford - Executive Producer
Nicholas George - Executive Producer
Hans Hernke - Executive Producer
Lisa Hinds - Executive Producer
Michael Mahal - Executive Producer / Producer
Sonny Mahal - Executive Producer / Producer
Alain Marche - Associate Producer
Ron McAdams - Associate Producer
BJ Mezek - Executive Producer
Susannah O'Brien - Executive Producer
Ripley Rosaben Ortiz - Executive Producer
Owen Palmiotti - Executive Producer
John Petty - Associate Producer

Thomas Rivas - Executive Producer
Stephen Satterfield - Executive Producer
Dave Shecter - Executive Producer
Tammie Smith - Associate Producer
Tamara Solomson - Executive Producer
Kristin Sutherland - Executive Producer
Greg Tally - Associate Producer
Jason Van Loo - Associate Producer
Sam Vanivray - Associate Producer
Kyus Preston Wright - Executive Producer
BJ Mezek - Casting
DeeDee Bigelow - Special Thanks
Dan Bowen - Special Thanks
Victor Formosa - Special Thanks
Angela Joseph - Special Thanks

Debra Lamb - Special Thanks
Gregory Lamberson - Special Thanks
Lucas Liner - Very Special Thanks
Alain Marche - Special Thanks
Mike McCutchen - Special Thanks
Trevor Poole - Special Thanks
Robert Rhine - Special Thanks
Robert Rhyne - Special Thanks
Destiny Soria - Special Thanks
Leonard Steinman - Special Thanks
Ben Stobber - Special Thanks
John Ward - Special Thanks

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