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The story about New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton coaching his son's 6th grade football team, when Payton was suspended for the entire 2012 season as a result of his role in the Saints' Bountygate scandal.

Kevin James - Sean Payton
Taylor Lautner - Actor
Jackie Sandler - Actress
Tait Blum - Connor Payton
Allen Covert - Actor
Rob Schneider - Actor
Jared Sandler - Actor
Bryant Tardy - Actor
Gary Valentine - Actor
Isaiah Mustafa - Actor
Maxwell Simkins - Actor
Lavell Crawford - Actor
Jayden Hamilton - Kid Fan
Jacob Perez - Actor
Chris Titone - Actor

Charles Kinnane - Director
Daniel Kinnane - Director
Keith Blum - Writer
Chris Titone - Writer
Barry Bernardi - Executive Producer
Allen Covert - Producer
Kevin Grady - Producer
Kevin James - Producer
Todd Lewis - Executive Producer
Jeff Lowell - Producer
Judit Maull - Executive Producer
Jeff Sussman - Producer
Eli Thomas - Co-Producer
Rupert Gregson-Williams - Composer
Seamus Tierney - Cinematographer
Tom Costain - Editor
Scott Hill - Editor
Brian M. Robinson - Editor

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