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Guns of Eden

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Four weekend campers, including two police officers, are hunted by different factions of an armed militia after witnessing the execution of a drug dealer in the woods.

Alexandra Faye Sadeghian - Megan Forest
Bill Kennedy - Sheriff Preacher
Trazz Johnson - Actor
Nicole Alshahen - Gabriella Peterson
Dominic Luongo - Blake Peterson
Lynn Lowry - Frances
Xander Goldman - Walter
Debbie Rochon - Actress
Brooke Lewis Bellas - Actress
John R Renna - Vernon
Jeff Grennell - Actor
Peter Vullo - Actor
Aaron Wag Krygier - Cletus Wagner
Bill Brown - Actor
Daniel Baker - Mojo
Matthew King - O'Brien

Gregory Lamberson - Director
Gregory Lamberson - Writer
Erin Elizabeth Heald - Executive Producer
Tamar Lamberson - Producer
Chris Cosgrave - Producer
Keith Lukowski - Co-Producer
Armand John Petri - Co-Producer
Kim Piazza - Co-Producer
Brooke Lewis Bellas - Co-Producer

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Guns of Eden Now Crowdfunding! Support Indie Film!