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Faith Under Fire

Firefighter Tom Hatcher is at the end of his rope. He saves lives but couldn't save his wife from cancer. Now his daughter faces the same battle. From an unlikely friend, Tom is challenged to face grief and embrace faith in his darkest hours.

Nick Vlassopoulos - Tom Hatcher
Dean Cain - Pastor Dan Underwood
Kevin Sorbo - Doctor Robinson
Jesi Jensen - Melissa
Grover McCants - Chief
Colleen Gentry - Sara's Mom
Keyna Reynolds - Sara Hatcher
Joel Paul Reisig - David Kaizer
Tenley - Tiffany Hatcher
Eric Guenter Weber - Parade goer
Daniel Jeffries - Devon
Mike T. Tremblay - Emergency Room Doctor
Kristen Ryda - Nurse #2
Dennis Doyle Jr. - Tom' father-in-law
Rachel Sowers - Chemotherapy Nurse

Joel Paul Reisig - Director
Gary Wayne Allison - Writer (novel)
Joel Paul Reisig - Writer
Dean Cain - Co-Producer
Sheeba Jacob - Associate Producer
Melissa Kerley - Executive Producer, Producer
Greg Morrison - Producer
Joel Paul Reisig - Producer
Shawn C Smith - Executive Producer
Kevin Sorbo - Co-Producer
Mike T. Tremblay - Associate Producer
Todd Maki - Composer
Daniel Knudsen - Cinematographer
Zack Lessner - Stunt Coordinator

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