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Eyes of a Roman

A roman soldier's life changes in an instance when he stands up for what he believes the day before the final battle between the armies of Spartacus and Marcus Crassus.


CJ Goodwyn - Director
CJ Goodwyn - Writer
Nicole Esperon - Associate Producer
CJ Goodwyn - Producer
Stephen Huffman - Associate Producer
Neil Reilly - Associate Producer
Chris Wager - Executive Producer
Antonio Gradanti - Composer
Max Watson - Cinematographer
CJ Goodwyn - Editor
CJ Goodwyn - Casting Director
Susan Bohl - Production Designer
Sera Heleana - Set Decorator
Selam Yohannis - Set Decorator
Tammy Anderson - Costume Designer
Dana Cowden - Costume Designer
Lauren Hamill - Makeup Artist
Susan Bohl - First Assistant Director
Ari Haines - Second Assistant Director
Ella Morrow - Second Assistant Director
Tammy Anderson - Props
CJ Goodwyn - Props
Michael Goodwyn - Poster Artist
Sera Heleana - Set Designer
Derek Meier - Carpenter

Neil Reilly - Props
Ian Wilson - Props
Owen C. Cassidy - Sound Designer
Benjamin Marchi-Hilton - Assistant Mixer/boom Operator
Kevin Dale Reynolds - Assistant Sound Mixer
Claire Villanueva - Stunt Coordinator
Lance Haynes - Behind The Scenes Photographer
Russell Peterson - First Assistant Camera
Ben Pimpler - First Assistant Camera
Lamont Scott - Drone Operator
Eli Whitney - Camera Operator
Sera Heleana - Casting Assistant
Tammy Anderson - Key Costumer
Cortina Jackson - Wardrobe Assistant
Chris Wager - Assistant Editor
CJ Goodwyn - Assistant Location Manager
Derek Meier - Location Manager
Dana Cowden - Script Consultant
Corey Hughes - Script Assistant
Roxy Maddex - Script Supervisor
Chris Wager - Script Consultant
Felix de la Rosa IV - Production Assistant
Sofia Forsberg - Production Assistant
Nick Molini - Production Assistant
Nina Rossetti - Production Assistant
Donna Segura - Unit Publicist

Tara Haney Davis - Cassia
Julia J. Anthony - Mother of Atticuss
Jones Ben - Pentar
Brian Conner - Roman Officer
Samantha Holland - Barbarian Warrior
Blaze Freeman - Roman Soldier
P. Michael Hayes II - Roman Soldier
Reyna Janelle - Gladiator
Abraham Takatsuki - Gladiator
Jason Johnson - Roman Soldier
Curtis Simpson - Barbarian
Cortina Jackson - Barbarian
Ian Wilson - Roman Soldier
Everest Pearson - Roman Soldier
Nina Rossetti - Barbarian
Lawrence Belyeu - Barbarian
Elizabeth Gray - Barbarian
John Louis - Barbarian
Rebecca Blackmore - Barbarian
Emily Darwin Edwards - Barbarian / Slave

Christine Diehl - Barbarian
Brian Rickerson - Barbarian
Kiko Medrano IV - Barbarian
Mathew Chase Gladden - Roman Soldier
James W. Robinson - Roman Soldier
Claire Villanueva - Barbarian
David Levis - Barbarian
Andrew Mark Ortiz - Barbarian
Ardis Stembridge - Roman Soldier
Desiree Coss - Barbarian
Tevin Mitchel - Barbarian
Bret Wilson - Barbarian
Cetiera Carmona - Barbarian
Mahayla Lynn Atkinson - Barbarian
Alyssa Marie Wilson - Barbarian
Hunter Freeman - Roman Soldier
Anthony Ezell - Barbarian
Tony Rosano - Barbarian
Derek Meier - Tarriuss
Mallory Wilson - Barbarian
Vivian King - Barbarian
Sammy Leal - Barbarian
Brian Hicks - Actor

CJ Goodwyn - Atticuss
Les Best - Marcus Crassus
Derek Meier - Tarriuss
Ella Morrow - Aelieana
Brian D. Anderson - Victus
Elliott Baker - Spartacus
Augustine Dietz - Claudius

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