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In Theaters March 18, 2022!

Jack is a hitman.  His lonely life is altered by two strangers, a club singer and a scientist. Jack and the singer fall in love, but as their relationship grows stronger, Jack grows physically weaker, unable to assassinate the targets he seeks. Soon the scientist discovers the shocking reasons behind Jack’s deadly affliction…

Ryan Kwanten - Jack
Jillian Nguyen - April
Hugo Weaving - Dr. Bergman
Keiichi Enomoto - Grocery Store Man
June Yoon - Actor (voice)
Brooke Nichole Lee - Receptionist
Bianca Wallace - Girl 370
Ivy Dupler - Actor (voice)
Shinji Ikefuji - Technician
Patrick Moroney - Actor (voice)
Aleksander Sylvan - Actor (voice)
Jasmine Liew - Diner / Commuter
Michael Chan - Policeman
Andrew Ng - Japanese Man
Lewis Wheelhouse - Actor (voice)

Ivan Sen - Director
Ivan Sen - Writer
Tarik Coskun - Executive Producer
Daisy Hamilton - Executive Producer
Marcy Levitas Hamilton - Executive Producer
Strathford Hamilton - Executive Producer
David Jowsey - Producer
Angela Littlejohn - Producer
Thomas K. Meadows - Executive Producer
Kate Queen - Executive Producer
Gato Scatena - Executive Producer
Ivan Sen - Producer
Greer Simpkin - Producer
Ivan Sen - Composer
Ivan Sen - Cinematographer
Ivan Sen - Editor

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