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A young Colombian girl has to face the frustration of being the only member of her family without magical powers.

Stephanie Beatriz - Mirabel Madrigal (voice)
Diane Guerrero - Actress (voice)
Wilmer Valderrama - Actor (voice)
Angie Cepeda - Actress (voice)
Rhenzy Feliz - Actor (voice)
Carolina Gaitan - Actress (voice)
María Cecilia Botero - Actress (voice)
Jessica Darrow - Actress (voice)
Adassa - Actress (voice)
Mauro Castillo - Actor (voice)

Jared Bush - Director
Byron Howard - Director
Charise Castro Smith - Co-Director
Jared Bush - Writer (screenplay by)
Charise Castro Smith - Writer (screenplay by)
Lin-Manuel Miranda - Writer
Nathan Curtis - Associate Producer
Jennifer Lee - Executive Producer
Yvett Merino Flores - Producer
Clark Spencer - Producer
Jamie Sparer Roberts - Casting Director
Ian Gooding - Production Designer
Camille Andre - Art Director
Mehrdad Isvandi - Art Director (art direction)

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