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Elephants Dream


Emo & Proog are on a journey in the folds of a giant Machine, exploring the twisted and dark complex of wires, gears and cogs. Until one moment a conflict arises that throws out all their assumptions.

Cas Jansen - Emo (voice)
Tygo Gernandt - Proog (voice)


Bassam Kurdali - Director
Pepijn Zwanenberg - Writer (screenplay)
Andreas Goralczyk - Writer
Bassam Kurdali - Writer
Ton Roosendaal - Writer
Annet Dekker - Producer
Ton Roosendaal - Producer
Gaby Weijers - Producer
Jan Morgenstern - Composer
Marina Wijn - Casting Director
Andreas Goralczyk - Art Director
Matt Ebb - Lead Artist
Bastian Salmela - Lead Artist
Lee Salvemini - Lead Artist

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