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Don't Worry Darling

In Theaters September 23, 2022!

A 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company could be hiding disturbing secrets.

Florence Pugh - Alice Chambers
Olivia Wilde - Bunny
Chris Pine - Frank
Harry Styles - Jack Chambers
Gemma Chan - Shelley
Sydney Chandler - Violet
Nick Kroll - Dean
Kate Berlant - Peg
Timothy Simons - Dr. Collins
Dita Von Teese - Dita Von Teese

Olivia Wilde - Director
Katie Silberman - Writer
Carey Van Dyke - Writer
Shane Van Dyke - Writer
Richard Brener - Executive Producer
Daria Cercek - Executive Producer
Catherine Hardwicke - Executive Producer
Celia Khong - Executive Producer
Roy Lee - Producer
Alex G. Scott - Executive Producer
Katie Silberman - Producer
Carey Van Dyke - Executive Producer
Shane Van Dyke - Executive Producer
Olivia Wilde - Producer
Miri Yoon - Producer
John Powell - Composer
Matthew Libatique - Cinematographer
Affonso Gonçalves - Editor
Ben Harris - Casting Director
Allison Jones - Casting Director
Katie Byron - Production Designer

Douglas Smith - Bill
KiKi Layne - Margaret
Kaleigh Krause - Cigarette Girl / Pool Girl
Monroe Cline - Smiling Tennis Model, Dancer
Asif Ali - Peter
Wylie Anderson - Victory Wife
Natasha Kalimada - Dancer
Marcello Reyes - Fred
Ari'el Stachel - Ted
Elijah Van Zanten - Model
Connor Ryan - Doll House Man
Mariah Justice - Barbara
Roberta Sparta - Shop Attendant
Venice Wong - Frank Daughter
Michelle Ells - Lilly
Charissa Kroeger - Dancer
Brooke deRosa - Pianist
Kurt Scholler - Attending Physician
Hal Rosenfeld - Doll House Band: Vibraphone
Anthony Soto - Victory Husband
Kate Ellie Fitzgerald - Pool Girl
Nataly Santiago - Ball Gown Model
Paul Riley Fox - Victory Husband
Brendan Charles - Coat Check Boy
Alexandra Hulme - Dancer
Daniel Nishio - Frank & Shelley's Kid
Soyana Pigniat - Party Guest
Mario White - Victory Husband
Ebru - Party Guest

Don't Worry Darling In Theaters September 23, 2022!