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In Theaters January 27, 2023!

An asteroid miner crash-lands on an alien planet.  He must make his way to the only other survivor across the harsh terrain, running out of oxygen & hunted by strange creatures.


Josh Gordon - Director
Will Speck - Director
Spenser Cohen - Writer
Fred Berger - Producer
Josh Gordon - Executive Producer
Anna Halberg - Producer
Matthew Hirsch - Executive Producer
Brian Kavanaugh-Jones - Producer
Cliff Lanning - Co-Producer
Brett Robinson - Co-Producer
Jonathan Rothbart - Executive Producer
Will Speck - Executive Producer
Shelly Strong - Co-Producer
Kevin K. Vafi - Co-Producer
Steven Price - Composer
Jeff Cutter - Cinematographer
Gregory Plotkin - Editor
Leslee Feldman - Casting Director
Todd Cherniawsky - Production Designer

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Anthony Ramos - Andy Ramirez
Naomi Scott - Naomi Calloway
Kristofer Hivju - Dwayne
Zachary Quinto - AI survival suit (voice)
Izzy Jones - Mia

Distant In Theaters January 27, 2023!