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In Theaters March 10, 2023!

A former minor-league basketball coach who, after a series of missteps, is ordered by the court to manage a team of Disabled players. He soon realizes that despite his doubts, together, this team can go further than they ever imagined.

Woody Harrelson - Marcus
Kaitlin Olson - Alex
Matt Cook - Sonny
Ernie Hudson - Coach Phil Perretti
Cheech Marin - Julio
Madison Tevlin - Cosentino
Joshua Felder - Darius
Kevin Iannucci - Johnny
Ashton Gunning - Cody
Matthew Von Der Ahe - Craig

Bobby Farrelly - Director
Mark Rizzo - Writer (screenplay)
Javier Fesser - Writer (based on 'Campeones')
David Marqués - Writer (based on 'Campeones'),
Paul Brooks - Producer
Cary Davies - Co-Producer
Javier Fesser - Executive Producer
Woody Harrelson - Executive Producer
Alexander Jooss - Executive Producer
Brad Kessell - Executive Producer
Drew Locke - Co-Producer
Álvaro Longoria - Executive Producer
Luis Manso - Executive Producer
Scott Niemeyer - Producer
Jeremy Plager - Producer
Anna Schwartz - Associate Producer
Jonathan Shore - Co-Producer
Michael Franti - Composer
C. Kim Miles - Cinematographer
Julie Garcés - Editor
Rick Montgomery - Casting Director
Jean-Andre Carriere - Production Designer
Jon Van Winkle - Art Director

Follow Us To Win!

Tom Sinclair - Blair
James Day Keith - Benny
Alex Hintz - Arthur
Casey Metcalfe - Marlon
Bradley Edens - Showtime
Barbara Pollard - Dot
Alexandra Castillo - Judge Menendez
Mike Smith - Attorney McGurk
Scott Van Pelt - Himself
Jalen Rose - Himself
Alicia Johnston - Coach Maya
Seán Cullen - Frank O'Connolly
Jacob Blair - Blake Lassiter
Ryan DeLong - Headband
Cory Wojcik - Bus Driver

Additional Cast Continued
Lauren Cochrane - Mother on Bus
Eddy Norman - Child with Mother on Bus
Stephanie Sy - Reporter
Alex Hannah - Jimmy
Champ Pederson - Peter the 'Ringer'
Jean-Jacques Javier - Bartender
Aaron Hughes - Opposing Coach
Joanne Zahaiko - The Beasts Coach
Malik Irwin - Jared
Heath Vermette - Factory Supervisor
Clint Allen - Shakespeare Actor
Joanne Rodriguez - Group Home Counselor
Lois Brothers - Referee
Matthew Fletcher - Maitre'd
Brian Dobson - Announcer

Additional Cast Continued
Lam An - Cheering Spectator
Ryder Dueck - Spectator
Christianna Dupas - Scavenger
Vance Halldorson - Cheering Spectator
Ward Keith - Spectator
Jim Kirby - Curler
Cindy Myskiw - Spectator

Champions In Theaters March 10, 2023!