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In Theaters August 31, 2022!

In town for a job interview, a young woman arrives at her Airbnb late at night only to find that her rental has been mistakenly double-booked and a strange man is already staying there. Against her better judgement, she decides to stay the night anyway, but soon discovers that there is much more to be afraid of in the house than the other house guest.


Zach Cregger - Director
Zach Cregger - Writer
Chris Abernathy - Line Producer
Danny Chan - Executive Producer
Elitsa Dimitrova - Line Producer
Ivan Doykov - Line Producer
Alex Lebovici - Executive Producer
Roy Lee - Producer
Natalie Lehmann - Executive Producer
J.D. Lifshitz - Producer
Raphael Margules - Producer
Arnon Milchan - Producer
Yariv Milchan - Executive Producer
Tracy Rosenblum - Associate Producer
Michael Schaefer - Executive Producer
Bill Skarsgård - Executive Producer
Anna Drubich - Composer
Zach Kuperstein - Cinematographer
Joe Murphy - Editor
Nancy Nayor - Casting Director

Barbarian In Theaters August 31, 2022!