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Arena Wars

In 2045 convicted criminals are given the choice of lethal injection or they can compete in the Fight Dome. Contestants have to survive seven arenas with different killers. If anyone survives they win their freedom.


Additional Cast
Dave Shecter - Carl
Clay Trimble - Novak
Maria Bova - Sushi Girl / Cutie Pie
Leslie Brown - Anna
Edward Stachyra - Master Blaster
Bill Victor Arucan - Dr. Harata
Tracy Obonna - Kira
Stacy Johnson - Jean
Lisa Hinds - Nurse Geraldine
Maynard Bagang - Akuma
Timothy Skyler Dunigan - Franklin
Brian Bell - Simmons
Niko El Santo Zavero - Horacio Valdez
Marvin Maddicks Jr. - Aiden
John Meacham - Curtis
Nick Ford - Princeton

Nicholas George - Aepeli
Darryl Goldberg - Titus Flemmich
Kasey Brown - Keebs
Hans Hernke - Rosco
Angela Joseph - Hopkins
Darren Barcomb - Bobby G
Greg Tally - Goldie
Rudy Ledbetter - Snapper
James Dormuth - Big Pauly
Kyus Preston Wright - Hargraves
Denny Nolan - Dr. Clauberg
Robert Anderson - Jackson
Remy St. Paul - Schraeder
David C. Newman - Kenshi
Elizabeth Noelle Japhet - Nurse Angeline
Jean Heathen - Rosalie

Brandon Slagle - Director
Michael Mahal - Writer (story by)
Sonny Mahal - Writer (story by)
Brandon Slagle - Writer
Jamal Alsaqer - Executive Producer
Cairo Ben Amen II - Executive Producer
Robert Anderson - Executive Producer
Ken Balina - Executive Producer
Christopher S. Begley - Executive Producer
Brian Bell - Associate Producer
Michael Beran - Executive Producer
Robert Bess - Associate Producer
Addison Black - Associate Producer
Kasey Brown - Executive Producer
W. Kent Brown - Associate Producer

Wesley Cannon - Executive Producer
Scott Cassin - Executive Producer
Angeline Renee Cook - Executive Producer
Kelley Daniel - Executive Producer
Kai Destiny - Executive Producer
James Dormuth - Executive Producer
Timothy Skyler Dunigan - Associate Producer
David Miguel Estrada - Associate Producer
Mem Ferda - Executive Producer
Mark Flemmich - Executive Producer
Sophia Flemmich - Associate Producer
Nick Ford - Executive Producer
Warren Dean Fulton - Associate Producer
Nicholas George - Executive Producer
Avery Guerra - Associate Producer

Kevin Hager - Associate Producer
Hans Hernke - Executive Producer
Lisa Hinds - Executive Producer
Johnny Huang - Executive Producer
Stacy Johnson - Associate Producer
Angela Joseph - Executive Producer
Dennis E. Jusino - Executive Producer
Rudy Ledbetter - Executive Producer
Marvin Maddicks Jr. - Executive Producer
Michael Mahal - Executive Producer / Producer
Sonny Mahal - Executive Producer / Producer
Alain Marche - Associate Producer
Doug Maulden-Locke - Executive Producer
John Meacham - Executive Producer
BJ Mezek - Executive Producer
Valentine Nonyela - Associate Producer

Nyell - Associate Producer
Susannah O'Brien - Executive Producer
Ripley Rosaben Ortiz - Executive Producer
Mickey Raymond - Executive Producer
Rouge Rose - Executive Producer
Dave Shecter - Executive Producer
Tammie Smith - Associate Producer
Tamara Solomson - Executive Producer
Remy St. Paul - Associate Producer
Edward Stachyra - Executive Producer
Conner Stifel - Executive Producer
Kristin Sutherland - Executive Producer
Greg Tally - Executive Producer
Michael Su - Cinematographer
Mercedes Peterson - Costume Designer

Wesley Cannon - Stunt Actor
Allen Woodman - Stunt Coordinator
Mercedes Peterson - Costume Coordinator
Kristin Sutherland - Location Coordinator
Mercedes Peterson - Production Assistant
Tracy Allen - Special Thanks
Dan Bowen - Special Thanks
Avery Guerra - Special Thanks
Lucas Liner - Special Thanks
Alain Marche - Special Thanks
Jonathan Moody - Special Thanks
Trevor Poole - Special Thanks
Kris Smith - Special Thanks
Ben Stobber - Special Thanks

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