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A Man Called Otto

Otto Anderson is a grump who no longer sees purpose in his life following the loss of his wife. He is ready to end it all, but his plans are interrupted when a lively young family moves in next door.

Tom Hanks - Otto Anderson
Mariana Treviño - Marisol
Rachel Keller - Sonya
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo - Tommy
Christiana Montoya - Luna
Alessandra Perez - Abbie
Mack Bayda - Malcolm
Cameron Britton - Jimmy
Juanita Jennings - Anita
Peter Lawson Jones - Reuben

Marc Forster - Director
David Magee - Writer (screenplay)
Fredrik Backman - Writer (novel)
Hannes Holm - Writer (story)
Neda Backman - Executive Producer
Celia D. Costas - Executive Producer
Marc Forster - Executive Producer
Gary Goetzman - Producer
Tom Hanks - Producer
Tor Jonasson - Executive Producer
Tim King - Executive Producer
David Magee - Executive Producer
Michael Porseryd - Executive Producer
Louise Rosner - Executive Producer
Steve Shareshian - Executive Producer
Sudie Smyth - Executive Producer
Fredrik Wikström - Producer
Rita Wilson - Producer
Renée Wolfe - Executive Producer
Thomas Newman - Composer
Matthias Koenigswieser - Cinematographer
Matt Chesse - Editor
Francine Maisler - Casting Director
Molly Rose - Casting Director
Barbara Ling - Production Designer

Max Pavel - Andy
Kailey Hyman - Barb
Cindy Jackson - Delivery Person
John Higgins - Hardware Store Clerk
Tony Bingham - Hardware Store Customer
Lily Kozub - Hardware Store Taylor
Peter Sipla - Stimco Steel Boss
Patrick Stanny - Stimco Steel Terry
Dominick Marrone - Stimco Steel Co-Worker #1
Allyson R. Hood - Stimco Steel Co-Worker #2
Kristy Nolen - Stimco Steel Co-Worker #3
Carl Clemons - Stimco Steel Co-Worker #4
Connor McCanlus - Stimco Steel Co-Worker #5
Bodhi Wilson - Child Otto Anderson
Ira Amyx - Otto's Father

Additional Cast Continued
Greg Allan Martin - Lucas
Truman Hanks - Young Otto Anderson
Jon Osbeck - Army Doctor
Elle Chapman - Train Ticketer
Bryant Carroll - Train Conductor
Mike Birbiglia - Real Estate Agent
Julian Manjerico - Beppo The Clown
Jon Donahue - Officer Dudley
Aaron Marcus - Train Station Businessman
Jeff Hochendoner - Burly Train Commuter
Vance Tinsley - Train Commuter #1
Clay Davis - Train Commuter #2
Jared Frenke - Train Commuter #3
James Peyton - Train Commuter #4
Kathleen Regan - Train Commuter #5

Additional Cast Continued
Josephine Valentina Clark - Influencer Abbey
Josefine Lindegaard - Influencer Julia
Micah Southwood - Train Station Mother
Hunter Southwood - Train Station Child
Spenser Granese -  Driving Lesson Muscle Head
David Magee -  Real Estate Agent '83
William Paul Clark -  Real Estate Agent #2 '83
Emonie Ellison - Young Anita
Rachel Layne - Dye & Merica Secret Agent
Lavel Schley - Young Reuben
Mark Philip Stevenson - Funeral Minister
Kelly Lamor Wilson - Shari Kenzie
Branislav R. Tatalovic - Train passenger

A Man Called Otto In Theaters January 13, 2023!